Julie Bartkus

PACE is Excited to Sponsor a 60 Minute No-Cost, No-Travel Anywhere Training With Internationally Known Child Care Business Success Mentor Julie Bartkus!!

"The 5 Profit Killers Your Security Cameras Will Never Reveal To You."

Yes, Reserve My Seat Today!

Dear PACE Member,

Imagine enrolling 36 new children in 3 short weeks!  Or transforming your workplace culture in 60 days!  Or growing your child care business by at least 33% in as little as 60 days.  That's what internationally known child care business success mentor, Julie Bartkus, helps child care owners accomplish. 

We were thrilled to have Julie present at our 46th annual PACE Conference and as an extra gift to you, we've arranged for Julie to do a live 60-minute training with you next Thursday, November 19th at 1:30 pm PST

This is a free gift to you from us here at PACE and the only investment you have to make is an hour of your time.

Julie will be presenting her in-demand program called: 

The 5 Profit Killers That Your Security Cameras Will Never Reveal To You. 

Even if you were with us at the conference, you'll want to tune in again and get ready to transform your program and, as many of Julie's clients say - transform your life. 

Our Conference Attendees Raved About Julie and Now is Your Chance To Create Your Positive, Productive and Profitable Child Care Business By Investing 60 Minutes of Your Time To Tune In To :

The 5 Profit Killers That Your Security Cameras
Will Never Reveal To You!


If you are a child care business owner who would like to discover the truth about what is killing your profits (no one is telling you this - it's a BIG secret that needs to be revealed!!), then this teleconference will be extremely valuable to you.

  • The BIG secret that you need to know so you can keep more of what you make and stop leaking money.

  • How much of your profits are being killed?  Julie will give you a formula for calculating this number.  No more secrets!  The amount and cause will be revealed to you.

  • Transform your profit killers into your secret weapon for attracting and retaining higher quality staff and parents.

  • Are they stealing from you?  Now I'm not talking about your employees stealing "things" from you.  You most definitely would see that in your security cameras but there are others things being stolen from you that are killing your profits.  Hang on to your assets.  Discover your invaluable assets that can be taken away from you without any notice or warning signs.  Once gone, it's hard to recover at the same cost.  As a matter of fact, it will cost you 30-60% more to replace these assets.   Additionally, you and your team will feel the impact like a ton of bricks just fell on your head.  Dazed and confused and wondering:  What the heck just happened? Now what??

  • Easy and effective ways to get rid of the profit killers..yes, there are time-tested, results-getting strategies that you can implement immediately to protect yourself and your child care program from the profit killers!! 

Yes, Reserve My Seat Today!